Art work exhibited in a Collective Exhibition simultaneously @ Buenos Aires Argentina & Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico

Progress always seeks the same direction as a River, it wants to reach the greatest, the best, the biggest... How we achieve this? Fills me with lots questions and I find many Opposite answers.
The Querétaro River reflects many ... there are opposites such as the directions of its flows. The water runs from east to west and this City weaves paths over it from north to south and vice versa. The river whispers nature, the water falls from top to bottom; the man screams structures from bottom to top. Let's get to the other side. 
Later I visit the site with my plastic concerns, matter, fire and what do we use to build? The processes involved in this growth and its consequences, the footprint... 
"Conexión Río" Name of the City Project is Meeting and another opposite... The distribution of wealth ... It is a bridge that costed $ 11,910,720.22 USD. It is a High bridge, a political emblem of progress. A huge structure to contain as much square footage of asphalt possible. 
I go back to asphalt, my favorite material; with him this city paints lines on scales as large and as fast as wanting to get closer even if it turns out otherwise. Progress? The chronology of this dialogue also questions me. Who came first, what did we say and who ended up shutting up. I think at first: the River and the bridges appeared and from there the city keeps growing... Today another bridge over another bridge to burn asphalt ... who took away the transparency; Perhaps it was us wanting to cross faster and faster. Then river >> bridges >> city >> bridges. 
We continue to build bridges, until one more is superimposed on the existing ones. Ironically, in each of these actions the presence of Water is inevitable. Water to set concrete ... Water to lay asphalt ... Water to cover the Water and the Water was a River. 
The material of this painting will then come out of "Conexión Río", as a Record. Something like a Witness to this evidence. Intervene it with Asphalt, with Fire and with Earth from the River... 
Plastically two pieces of wood used to cast the Structure, joined. Achieve tension between them and with real high brightness in its surface. I am interested in the Reflection, I want to create a Black Mirror as if the asphalt pays homage to the mirror of the River. 
Rigoberto J. Orozco de León©
Detail - ArteTraffico©

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